Food & Beverage
Construction Features
  • Trolley or basement in Aisi stainless steel
  • Cylindrical upper deck complete with cover (inlet+vent)
  • Quick-release band clamps
  • Construction in Aisi 316 stainless steel
  • Specific pharmaceutical design
  • FDA approved - Atex certification upon request
  • VPF 500 or 800 1/X mounted on trolley, one single motor - VPF2 500 or 800 1/X installed inline, two side motors

VPF is a specific family of screening equipment within C-Line, dedicated to pharmaceutical applications.

VPF is a single deck powder sieve used for safety screening before entering the ingredients into a tablet press, a capsule production or a packaging line.

VPF2 is a single deck powder sieve used for inline safety screening in a production line with high capacity.