Ordinary maintenance on Virto-Cuccolini vibrating sieves, nutation and multifrequency screens is simple and quick.

Among the most consumed parts, you shall consider:

  • sieving meshes;
  • seals and gaskets;
  • support springs.

To evaluate the need to replace these parts, we advise you to check the condition of the meshes with the frequency indicated in the use and maintenance manual that you have received together with your Virto-Cuccolini screen.

The sieve mesh can be replaced in two ways:

  • by purchasing the necessary mesh quantity from Virto-Cuccolini or through our dealers and replacing it following the instructions in the use and maintenance manual;
  • by purchasing the mesh ring kit, complete with assembled mesh, from Virto-Cuccolini or through our dealers, ready for use for quick replacement.

Other original spare parts, according to your needs, are available by sending us a request directly or through our dealers.

For any request for information, clarifications, spare parts lists and other needs related to ordinary maintenance, you can contact us using the form below, including the references of your Virto-Cuccolini sieve:

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